Virtuozzo 7-powered servers are here.

Get 8GB RAM and Docker support at $9.99/mo for life!

These servers are part of our public preview. What does this mean? Not all features, such as snapshots and backups, are currently functional.

We expect no issues or downtime with this platform, but if you plan on running critical applications, keep this preview status in mind.

    • $20/mo $20/mo $4.99/mo Billed annually at $59.99/yr

    • 4GB RAM
    • 20GB SSD
    • 2TB transfer
    • 2-core processor
    • Docker support
    • 3.10.0 Linux kernel
    • $40/mo $40/mo $9.99/mo Billed annually at $119.99/yr

    • 8GB RAM
    • 40GB SSD
    • 4TB transfer
    • 4-core processor
    • Docker support
    • 3.10.0 Linux kernel
    • $160/mo $160/mo $29.99/mo Billed annually at $359.99/yr

    • 32GB RAM
    • 160GB SSD
    • 16TB transfer
    • 4-core processor
    • Docker support
    • 3.10.0 Linux kernel
Available locations: US Standard (Dallas) and Canada (Montreal).
Full Docker support

Full Docker support

Finally, the advantages of containerized software has come to SSD Nodes. With Docker, you can run anywhere from one to dozens of applications in isolated containers for added stability, security, and ease of management.

Intel E5 processors

3.10.0 Linux kernel

The latest in security and stability. Version 3.10.0 represents one of the biggest updates to the kernel in its 25-year history, and enables more applications—including Docker—while running smoother and faster than ever.

An expanded dashboard

An expanded dashboard

With Virtuozzo 7-powered servers, you now have access to a more powerful dashboard. See more detailed usage statistics, manage backups (paid, coming soon), and apply sophisticated firewall rules with the ease of a GUI.

Zero-downtime upgrades

'Absolutely insane' speed

In our recent beta test, one customer tested his VPS using UnixBench and said his "absolutely insane" result was "the highest score that I’ve ever seen." More proof that our new hardware is faster than ever, and Virtuozzo 7 servers are poised to take full advantage.

  Virtuozzo 7 OpenVZ
Linux kernel 3.10.0 2.6.32-042stab12X
Raw speed
16GB plans on UnixBench
5199.9 3669.7
Backup support Paid plan in development No support
Live snapshots Free feature in development No plan available
Additional storage solutions
Attach custom-size additional storage to server
Paid solution in development No support
Hypervisor technology KVM None
Reboot-less kernel updates Yes No
Live migration
Ability to migrate between servers
Yes, with no downtime Yes, but with downtime

All plans include

    • Truly personal support

    • Multiple Tier-1 ISPs

    • A fully automated platform

    • Zero-downtime upgrades

    • Enterprise SSDs with RAID

    • Support Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS

    • A comprehensive control panel

    • Support for infinite applications

    • A 14-day money back guarantee

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