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Are resources shared among servers?

Yes. As with all VPS providers, CPU and disk I/O are shared among different servers. A VPS is designed to provide solid processing performance with the capability to occasionally burst to more intense usage for short periods of time.

We ask that you be mindful of our other customers, and don’t abuse the CPU and disk I/O resources that we offer with our plans.

What if I need more resources?

We understand that some applications require more extensive resources. If you’re worried about your needs, get in touch and we’ll talk about bigger plans or dedicated resources via Strasmore.

What happens if I use too many resources?

If you’re using a lot of resources, we may reach out via email and help you figure out what’s happening. This gives you an opportunity to reduce resources, offload certain processes to an additional server, or upgrade to a larger and more appropriate SSD Nodes plan.

Our system may throttle servers if the load is high, or from those who don’t respond to our email, to protect our other customers.

Will I be affected?

Probably not. The kind of high resource use that warrants a message from us is rare (less than 1% of customers). Most applications, such as web servers, development environments, databases, and self-hosting SaaS apps are perfect for a VPS. We also understand that oftentimes high CPU or disk I/O use is accidental, not intentional.

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