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Note:: As per user recommendation, in the new templates, we are not including these software by default.

In order to protect our clients from the common attacks on the internet, all our new templates come preinstalled with the fail2ban and have all ports except 22 closed. Fail2ban will block any IPs with several unsuccessful SSH login attempts. IPs are blocked for 15 minutes.
We included this feature because the new VPS have SSH listening on port 22 (default) and there are a lot of password guessing attacks on that port. If you get no response at all when trying to log in via SSH and you have had previous failures, this will most likely be the cause. You can wait for 15 minutes and try again or try connecting from a different IP address.

The "Firewalld" is installed as default, that provides a user-friendly and standardized way to manage iptables firewall rules. Users can interact with firewalld using the 'firewall-cmd' command. To see help topics, run 'man firewall-cmd'. You can also refer the website -

Here is how you can open a port.
In the below command, replace "80" with any port that you want to open.

       firewall-cmd --zone=public --add-port=80/tcp --permanent

       firewall-cmd --reload

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