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This post applies only to the older OpenVZ servers which are not in use anymore.

We are not blocking any ports on our new KVM platform.


Port 25 may be blocked by default to prevent spam and abuse of our services. This is actually pretty common in the industry, where some providers simply block port 25 without the ability to request being unblocked:



We strongly recommend you use a service such as Mailgun, SendGrid, or Mailjet, to ensure that your emails are deliverable and don't fall into the spam boxes of your recipients. VPS and Cloud IPs are on many blacklists already, and maintaining their IP reputation is a heavy burden and hard to get right. You can use any of those services without going through the unblock process, as we allow ports such as 465 and 587.

We've had a lot of spam issues in the past. If you need port 25 unblocked for IPv4, please open a ticket for verification, but first review the requirements below. 


- Startup server customers must be on an annual plan to have their IP unblocked.
- Strasmore Business and Enterprise customers can be on a monthly plan.
- Your account must not have a history of abuse issues.

We only allow bulk emailing in our Montreal, Canada facility. Any bulk emailing from our other locations will result in a temporary null route by our upstream, which doesn't allow bulk emailing. We also do not support emailing over IPv6.

We also have extensive monitoring of our blacklists. If you get approved and your IP gets listed on a spammer blacklist, then that may trigger a blocking of the port on a temporary or permanent basis.

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