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Two plans, simple pricing. Get the most cloud hosting for your money.

Deploy now with up to 88% savings or next-generation 10X speed, prices that don't change when you renew, and a 14-day refund guarantee.

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Our original SSD-based servers help developers save up to 88% over competitors like DigitalOcean while edging them out on performance. Perfect for price-conscious websites and blogs, with plenty of burst CPU and room to scale.

Just click any plan to start deploying your server.

Available locations: US Standard (Dallas), US West (Seattle), and Canada (Montreal).

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Our next-generation 10X VPS is powered by NVMe and more than a hundred custom OS-level speed optimizations. Squash page load times, improve SEO, boost conversions, deliver smoother UX, and deploy faster on 10X. Learn more →

Just click any plan to start deploying your server.

Available locations: US Standard (Dallas).

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Choose your billing cycle:


Build and deploy websites for up to 88% less than competitors like DigitalOcean with competitive performance. Handle traffic spikes with available burst CPU and scale without downtime.


Improve SEO, boost conversions, and deploy silkly-smooth user interfaces on an NVMe-powered cloud that's 10X faster than the other guys. All of them.

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All servers come with these premium features:

  • 100% uptime SLA
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Zero-downtime upgrades
  • Docker-ready
  • Enterprise disks in RAID 10
  • Intel Gold/E5 processors
  • 10Gbps network interfaces
  • KVM virtualization
  • Root access + dedicated public IP
  • Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS templates
  • Redundant Tier-1 ISPs
  • Amazing support team

About our KVM platform

How we offer so much for so little.

KVM is the ideal platform for developers and businesses that need fully virtualized hardware for maximum flexibility and speed. Run any application, including Docker, on our fastest servers, built with the latest Intel processors, enterprise-grade SSDs in RAID 10, 10Gbps networking, and multiple power redundancies to ensure your server stays online. And, thanks to hypervisor optimizations, you'll see a 40% performance boost over standard KVM.

How do we do it? We hear this question a lot—in a landscape of inflated cloud hosting prices, it's hard for some to believe the prices we offer. We don't blame anyone for being a little skeptical.

We're the best value in cloud hosting because of our engineers. They create remarkable efficiency, which means we can offer a cloud hosting experience that's faster than the competition, and at a fraction of their cost. Our engineers are the reason we can stand behind our belief that people should be able to deploy virtual servers that are both low-cost and incredibly fast.

Docker support Yes, plus support for Docker Swarm and Kubernetes No support
Intended usage Complex, customized programs that require specific configurations Simple websites and web apps that need easy, fast hosting
Major features Resource isolation and improved software compatability Thin-platform raw speed
Linux kernel Native OS kernel (3.10.0 and higher) 2.6.32-042stab12X (shared kernel)
Kernel modules Can be enabled, including FUSE Cannot be enabled due to shared kernel
Data center availability US Standard (Dallas), US West (Seattle), and Canada (Montreal) None

Pricing/Billing FAQ

The most important difference is how much you'll pay over the course of a year. Which plan is better depends on your preferences and how you'll use your virtual private server (VPS).

We charge your monthly plan at the beginning of every new monthly period. Monthly plans are ideal for short-term projects or testing out a new service, as you can close down the server at the end of a given monthly billing cycle.

We charge your yearly plan at the beginning of every new yearly period. Yearly plans are far more cost-efficient compared to monthly plans, and are perfect for long-term projects, such as a business website or web app that you're building.

Given that both our monthly and yearly prices are far lower than the competition, we think both give you incredible value. Options have never hurt, too.

Never. The price you see at checkout is locked in for the life of the server.

If you cancel a server and reactivate it at a later time, we will charge you at the current price, which may be higher.

We accept credit cards and PayPal. We use Stripe to process credit card payments, which allows us to take all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and 135 currencies with full PCI-DSS compliance.

A virtual private server (VPS) running on our KVM platform is designed to provide high-quality processing performance for typical server operations, such as running web servers, databases, and web apps.

If you need more power for a short period, our unloaded servers offer temporary burst processing to help deal with the volume.

Think of it like a car—it performs best when you keep the engine's RPM low but can rev up if and when you need it. If a user exceeds their burst capacity to the point of affecting other customers, our system may reduce that user's burst capability.

A VPS is not the same as dedicated resources, which you can rev up to your heart's content, but also costs far more. If you require dedicated, isolated processing power to run intensive applications, contact support and we'll talk details. ⚡

We offer new users a 14-day window in which they can cancel their first server at no cost.

If you're outside the 14-day refund window, or are an existing user, we'll happily give you SSD Nodes credit.

We'll credit you for every day you haven't used your server against your billing cycle. Your credit will never expire, and you can use it for any of our services in the future.

Of course, we would much rather help you work through your issues! If you're thinking about canceling, please give our friendly support people a shout to see how they can help.

Don't worry—we're human, too, and we're quite forgiving.

Payments are due in full on the monthly or yearly anniversary date of purchase, but if your payment doesn't go through for any reason, there's still time to sort things out.

We'll reach out to you with reminders before either of the following scenarios go into effect:

Five days after the due date we'll put your server in a "time out" and keep the public from accessing it. Seven days after the due date we'll close down your server and reclaim its resources.

Looking for business or enterprise plans? Need a higher level of personal engineering support or dedicated resources?

Learn about the Strasmore difference

SSD Nodes provided the best performance and best sized offering for the dollar—by far. My service was available within minutes and there were absolutely no issues getting everything setup and configured.

Ken Linger

Cloud Solutions Architect