SSD VPS hosting on a Tier-1 network that's perfect for startups.

Get 8GB RAM at $7.99/month for life!

All our pricing stays the same for the life of the server, and we stand behind our service with a 14-day money back guarantee.

  • Large

    • 4GB RAM

    • 2 CPU Cores

    • 30GB SSD Disk

    • 3TB Transfer

    • $20/month  $7.99$6.99/month

      Billed annually at $84.99/year

  • X-Large

    • 8GB RAM

    • 4 CPU Cores

    • 40GB SSD Disk

    • 4TB Transfer

    • $40/month  $9.99$7.99/month

      Billed annually at $95.99/year

  • 2X-Large

    • 16GB RAM

    • 4 CPU Cores

    • 80GB SSD Disk

    • 8TB Transfer

    • $80/month  $19.99$13.99/month

      Billed annually at $167.99/year

  • 4X-Large

    • 32GB RAM

    • 4 CPU Cores

    • 160GB SSD Disk

    • 16TB Transfer

    • $160/month  $39.99$19.99/month

      Billed annually at $239.99/year

Available locations: US Standard (Dallas), US East (New York City), US West (Seattle), and Canada East (Montreal).

Looking for business or enterprise plans? Need a higher level of personal engineering support or dedicated resources? Visit Strasmore.

Designed to help startups succeed

Whether you need a place to run your SaaS application, or simply need a solid backbone for your web presence, your startup is at home with SSD Nodes. We understand the most pressing concerns for startups and have custom-built our platform to meet your needs.

Zero-downtime upgrades

Our thin OpenVZ virtualization platform allows you to upgrade from one SSD Nodes plan to another near-instantaneously and without a second of downtime. Upgrade live and immediately start to give your users or customers a better experience.

Top-tier hardware performance

Best-in-class Intel E5 processors and solid state drives (SSDs) in RAID 10 configuration equates to performance that you simply can’t find elsewhere without paying on another order of magnitude. Our raw numbers? How does 1GB/s of I/O and 200,000 IOPS sound?

Truly personal support

At SSD Nodes, we pride ourselves on truly personal support. We’re a cloud provider that cares passionately about our customers. We have engineers available around the clock to help deliver solutions that get your business growing again.

All plans include

    • Truly personal support

    • Multiple Tier-1 ISPs

    • A fully automated platform

    • Zero-downtime upgrades

    • Enterprise SSDs with RAID

    • Support for all major Linux distros

    • Support for infinite applications

    • Comprehensive control panel

    • A 14-day money back guarantee

Loved by startups

Daniel says he didn’t notice any downtime for more than five months, thanks to our “absolutely phenomenal service.” He’s right in saying that our Terms of Service is much friendlier than, “You cough too hard, we’ll terminate your service and keep your money.”

Wadeed hits at all of the reasons why SSD Nodes is the best SSD hosting for startups: “Between the reliability of the service, Matt being flexible on pretty much anything within reason and the incredible support, hands down the best provider I’ve been with.”