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10X faster page loads than DigitalOcean.

Our next-generation VPS gets its 10X speed from deep integration with NVMe disks. Get blazing fast page loads, unheard of read/write speeds, and disk performance that's 10X faster than DigitalOcean.

Deploy a 10X server

Setting the standard for VPS performance. Again.

SSD Nodes blazed a trail in 2011 when we launched as the first 100% SSD VPS hosting company. Now we’re doing the same with NVMe. You won’t find 10X technology at any of our biggest competitors, especially not at our prices.

Our UnixBench scores beat our largest competitors even before we launched our new NVMe-based servers. Now we’re going to blow them away.

An obsessive dedication to lean infrastructure, combined with our ongoing commitment to progress, makes SSD Nodes your first choice for VPS hosting in 2019 and beyond.

A picture of an SSD Nodes 10X server's hardware

NVMe technology

Push databases and applications with 6,400 megabytes per second read/write and 1,280,000 IOPS random read. That's 10X the raw performance of an SSD VPS from DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr.

Smart optimizations

We've made 100+ custom OS-level optimizations and deep integrations to make our 10X KVM servers 10X faster than DigitalOcean, Vultr, and Linode. 10X is built specifically to work with NVMe.

Mirrored data

We mirror the data on our NVMe drives to at least double performance and to ensure our systems always retain a copy of your important data. Many VPS providers don't even do that with SSD.

10X + NVMe: Reimagining the true power of your VPS

Our 10X KVM servers have been optimized for speed from the ground-up. We start with 10X faster NVMe hard drives, add to that 100+ custom OS-level optimizations, and mirror your data for both redundancy and speed.

Get faster page loads, reduce latency, boost speeds by up to 10x, and increase I/O and resiliency by hopping onboard our new NVMe-based future. Get more reliability for you and a cutting-edge platform that is here to stay.

Plus, NVMe uses up to 70% less energy than SSD for a faster and greener experience for you and your visitors.

It's so good we might have to rename ourselves NVMe Nodes.

Endless benefits for 10X speed:

Elevate ecommerce conversions

Develop faster and deploy continuously

Improve SEO from near-instant page loads

Dramatically reduce harmful bounce rates

Get more pageviews before you need to scale

Deliver smoother UX experiences in web apps