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The original 100% SSD cloud provider (since 2011) is here to help you deploy and save on cloud servers.

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    Save $5,457!

    32GB RAM
    640GB NVMe
    8 vCPU
    16TB transfer

    5% choose X-LARGE

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  • KVM / X-LARGE+



    Save $8,271!

    48GB RAM
    720GB NVMe
    12 vCPU
    24TB transfer

    5% choose X-LARGE+

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  • KVM / 2X-LARGE



    Save $8,205!

    48GB RAM
    960GB NVMe
    12 vCPU
    24TB transfer

    55% choose 2X-LARGE

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  • KVM / 4X-LARGE



    Save $10,983!

    64GB RAM
    1200GB NVMe
    12 vCPU
    32TB transfer

    35% choose 4X-LARGE

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Get 10X faster page loads with our new performance servers, powered by NVMe, and amazing FREE features that come within. You can't match these prices anywhere on the internet.

10X your performance

Proud member of the 2023 Y Combinator New Startup School!

Read more about our journey on our blog.

High Performance. Incredible Hardware. New Technologies. Resilient and Redundant Data Centers and Networks.
And ready to be deployed in 13-key locations worldwide with FREE features all the way.

Unlike other providers, we've always used the latest Intel processor architectures and full-SSD and NVMe storage. We've paired that with 13x Tier-1 networking providers, 300 points of presence, and always new data centers with intelligent resiliency. That means you get fast, reliable, and feature-rich VPS hosting at an incredible value.

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Up to 10x RAM per dollar

Linode: 16GB RAM @ $960/yr
SSD Nodes: 24GB RAM @ $99/yr

Up to 4x SSD disk per dollar

Vultr: 200GB disk @ $960/yr
SSD Nodes: 240GB disk @ $99/yr

Up to 13x transfer per dollar

DigitalOcean: 6TB transfer @ $960/yr
SSD Nodes: 12TB transfer @ $99/yr

You're being overcharged for your cloud computing. We fixed that.

The average CPU use across our entire new infrastructure helps tell the story. Our servers are unloaded, so why shouldn't we charge our users based on what they're actually using?

Other cloud hosting providers charge you for power you might never use. With us, you keep costs down and have access to our almost free, stable, unloaded infrastructure with plenty of temporary burst power at the ready when your new website or new app gets traction.

Get a piece of our infrastructure and stop overpaying.

That's the foundation of honest-value cloud computing.


Yearly pricing for VPS plans

$ 99 /yr
$ 720 /yr
$ 960 /yr
$ 960 /yr
SSD Nodes Linode Vultr Digital Ocean
Amount of RAM

With honest pricing, you can save hundreds or thousands in cloud hosting costs starting right now (almost free business launching!). How does saving $4,023 over the next three years sound?

Developers and businesses choose SSD Nodes because we offer what other hosting providers can't. It's all thanks to our new tech infrastructure and incredible engineers.

So go on, take that worry free vacation. Start self-hosting. Just want to bolster your new infrastructure? We can get behind that. Build more of anything with SSD Nodes.

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More honesty, same great performance, scalability, and new features you need.

Performance at our core

Intel E5/Silver new processors, 100% SSD drives in RAID 10, and 10Gbps network interfaces inside state-of-the-art data centers elevate your applications and keep your data safe at almost free charges.

Time-saving features

Leverage our feature-rich dashboard or scale without downtime during periods of growth with cost free & zero-downtime upgrades. Full root access out of the gate to help you build.

Worry less, build more

Spin up a new server in 90 seconds and start building. Get peace of mind from our 99.9% uptime SLA, industry-leading guarantees, and free extensive resources.

Free support, and talking right to the founder, was a very personable and down to earth experience, and that only cemented the fact that I've brought my money to the right place when signing up for the SSD Nodes service.

Steve Blackwell
Solutions Guru, Mango Force


Worried about security?

You're not alone—our users demanded a simple, no-nonsense security guide for new techies, and we delivered. Discover smart and free ways to secure your server in a matter of minutes.

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