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kvm / large

$ 12.49 /mo

$ 40 /mo

When billed yearly at $149.99
Save 68% over monthly

Bill yearly and save 68%
$149.99/yr instead of $480/yr



8TB transfer

4-core processor

55% choose large

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kvm / mini

$ 3.99 /mo

$ 10 /mo

When billed yearly at $47.99
Save 60% over monthly

Bill yearly and save 60%
$47.99/yr instead of $120/yr



2TB transfer

1-core processor

10% choose mini

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kvm / medium

$ 7.99 /mo

$ 20 /mo

When billed yearly at $95.99
Save 60% over monthly

Bill yearly and save 60%
$95.99/yr instead of $240/yr



4TB transfer

2-core processor

20% choose medium

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kvm / x-large

$ 24.99 /mo

$ 80 /mo

When billed yearly at $299.99
Save 69% over monthly

Bill yearly and save 69%
$299.99/yr instead of $960/yr



16TB transfer

4-core processor

15% choose x-large

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Interested in monthly billing?

Available locations: US Standard (Dallas) and Canada (Montreal).

Our prices are at least 70% lower than the competition, plus all plans include:

  • All plans include: Enterprise SSDs with RAID Enterprise SSDs in RAID 10
  • All plans include: Truly personal support 10Gbps ingress/egress
  • All plans include: Support for infinite applications A 14-day refund guarantee
  • All plans include: Zero-downtime upgrades Zero-downtime upgrades
  • All plans include: Multiple Tier-1 ISPs Multiple Tier-1 ISPs
  • All plans include: Root access and a dedicated public IP Root access and a dedicated public IP
  • All plans include: Support for Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS Support for Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS
  • All plans include: A comprehensive control panel A comprehensive control panel

Faster than the competition

The numbers are clear: our plans are up to 4x faster than the competition—that includes Linode and Vultr, too. Best of all? You can get all that power for 1/4 the price. Do far more for far less with SSD Nodes.

Don't trust us yet? Check out the full comparison of community-sourced UnixBench scores.

SSD Nodes: Scale without downtime

Scale without downtime

Other providers force you to shut down when you need to be online the most. Instantly get more CPU, RAM, or disk so that you can continue to grow—without downtime.

SSD Nodes: The strongest backbone

A strong backbone

Intel E5 processors and 100% SSD drives in RAID 10 will push your applications to their limits. Our optimized platform delivers up to 1GB/s of I/O and 200,000 IOPS.

SSD Nodes: Industry-best guarantees

Industry-best guarantees

We want to make sure you’re happy with your SSD Nodes experience. That’s why we offer a 14-day refund guarantee. We’ll always have your back with SSD Nodes credit, too.

A platform built for creation

Unlike shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) cloud hosting gives you the power to create your own web experience. Choose from hundreds of applications and run them in any configuration you want with speed that shared hosting could never match.

The best value in cloud hosting

Would you rather have 2GB of RAM or 8GB? We offer up to 8x more RAM for your dollar compared to Digital Ocean, and 4x compared to Linode. That's just part of our mission to provide cloud hosting at an incredible value.

Remember how we're faster, too? With SSD Nodes, you stretch your dollar to its limit while delivering the best experience for your readers or customers.

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It's been a pleasure to be hosted by the people of SSD Nodes. I couldn't ask for a better partner in making my music composition services available on the web. Isaac Vail, Founder at Isaac Vail Music
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Support, and talking right to the founder, was a very personable and down to earth experience, and that only cemented the fact that I've brought my money to the right place when signing up for the SSD Nodes service. Steve Blackwell, VP Technology & Solutions Guru, Mango Force
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