Build more for far less with the best value in cloud hosting.

Get tenacious infrastructure, proven customer support, and stunning speed with SSD Nodes.

Get started at $4.99/mo

kvm / x-large

$ 80 /mo

$ 10.99 /mo

Save $828!



8TB transfer

4-core processor

50% choose x-large

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kvm / small

$ 15 /mo

$ 4.99 /mo

Save $120!



1TB transfer

1-core processor

10% choose small

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kvm / large

$ 40 /mo

$ 7.99 /mo

Save $384!



4TB transfer

1-core processor

15% choose large

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kvm / 2x-large

$ 160 /mo

$ 21.99 /mo

Save $1,656!



16TB transfer

4-core processor

20% choose 2x-large

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Available locations: US Standard (Dallas).

Our prices are at least 87% lower than the competition, plus all plans include:

Enterprise SSDs in RAID 10
10Gbps ingress/egress
Multiple Tier-1 ISPs
Zero-downtime upgrades
Root access and a dedicated public IP
Support for Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS
All backed by an industry-best 14-day refund guarantee.

Build more for far less

The best value in cloud hosting

SSD Nodes is faster than the competition, but we also give you far more cloud computing per dollar than anyone else. With SSD Nodes, you're stretching your investment as far as possible, and it's our mission to continue being the best value in cloud hosting.

Get more of everything for less with the SSD Nodes cloud.

  • 6x RAM per dollar compared to Vultr.
  • 6.6x IOPS per dollar compared to Linode.
  • 4x disk per dollar compared to DigitalOcean.

Raw speed

Our engineers work hard to ensure our nodes are highly-performing and never overloaded. We pair the fastest enterprise processors with DDR-4 ECC RAM to create an unmatched cloud computing experience—especially at our prices. Our unique KVM hypervisor offers a 40% speed boost compared to traditional KVM found at many other providers.

Based on unbiased, user-submitted ServerScope benchmarks, our 8GB RAM servers outperform those from our competitors.

Disk I/O

We were one of the first cloud computing companies to offer enterprise-grade solid state hard drives (SSDs) in all of our servers. From the beginning, we've prioritized maximizing disk operations to ensure fast reading and writing of your critical data.

Our users have leveraged the more than 1GB/s of write throughput and IOPS performance to build sophisticated infrastructure for databases, financial modeling, big data analytics, and high density web servers. No matter what you're building, it will run faster on the SSD Nodes cloud thanks to our leading IOPS performance.

Scale without downtime

Other providers force you to shut down when you need to be online the most. Instantly get more CPU, RAM, or disk so that you can continue to grow—without downtime.

A strong backbone

Enterprise-grade processors and 100% SSD drives in RAID 10 will push your applications to their limits. Our optimized platform delivers up to 1GB/s of I/O and 600,000 IOPS.

Industry-best guarantees

We want to make sure you’re happy with your SSD Nodes experience. That’s why we offer a 14-day refund guarantee. We’ll always have your back with SSD Nodes credit, too.

A platform built for creation

Unlike shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) cloud computing gives you the power to create your own experiences online. Choose from hundreds of applications and run them in any configuration you want with speed that shared hosting could never match.

Why choose SSD Nodes?

After 6 years in business, we've come to an important conclusion about the cloud hosting industry: speed, price, and value, and even flashy features are only part of the equation. People want a partner in the cloud, and no one wants to feel like they're just a number.

Not only do we offer the best customer support in the business, but we care about what you're building, whether it's building a personal Wordpress blog, your startup's SaaS web app, or anything in between. That extra mile is why we're loved by innovative developers and growing businesses alike.

Why choose SSD Nodes?
If they can continue to keep up the personal, professional and knowledgeable support as they continue to grow ... then they will remain a solid choice for businesses.
G2 Crowd
Customer support is amazing. ... If a company shows such dedication to connecting with their customers, I think it speaks volumes.
Low End Talk

SSD Nodes has the best customer support of any product I've ever used, period

— Cadel Watson

You guys are the sweet spot between price and quality, all my email gets delivered and my servers stay up.

— David Scott

Excellent service and support. I'm gonna be with y'all for awhile.

— Ben Dwyer

One of the best things I like about SSD Nodes is that their machines and infrastructure is always up. I don't have to worry about whether my sites are up or down, and I can sleep well at night. Kudos to the SSD Nodes team!

— Adrian Ling

I never have any complaints about SSD Nodes! They have been and continue to be one of the most rock solid server providers I’ve ever used. Would recommend them to anyone (and already have)!

— Curtis Machek

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SSD Nodes allowed us to essentially run queries in 1/100th of the time of that which they were running on AWS.

Kevin McCarthy

VP National Accounts, LexisNexis Risk Metrics