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Go up to 10X faster while paying 60% less per month than our competitors charge. Experience the all-new SSD Nodes 10X VPS Cloud powered by NVMe.

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Our 10X Cloud servers blow away the performance of the standard SSD drives all our major competitors offer. And you’ll pay over 60% less for the same amount of RAM.

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Virtual private servers on the 10X Cloud

If your app or website doesn't load as fast as you'd like, don't blame the processor. It's lag in the hard drive that holds back most of your applications and websites, and keeps them from maximizing their potential.

10X servers use NVMe disk drives to read, write, and store your critical data up to 10X faster than a standard SSD VPS.

Thanks to new data transfer technology, NVMe blasts through that lag to let your server truly fly. Load web pages faster than you ever imagined. Develop and deploy at lightning speed. Deliver a super-responsive and dynamic experience that wows your users.

SSD Nodes NVMe VPS: An image of an NVMe drive.

cluster-line 7 years in business

cpu-line Intel Gold/E5 CPUs

storage-line NVMe disks in RAID 10

dashboard-line Deploy in 60 seconds

assign-user-line 14-day refund guarantee

terminal-line Root admin access

What can the 10X Cloud do for you?

Web hosting

Load pages up to 10X faster. Handle more traffic without the bottlenecks found in other host's SSD-based servers.

App hosting

Run critical database-heavy applications without slowing down. Higher read/write speeds keep your apps humming.


Minimize cart abandonment by slashing load times and building a fluid experience. Deliver targeted offers instantly.


Reduce bounce rates and increase dwell time via faster page loads. Make readers happier and boost SEO scores at the same time.


Crash through barriers to get more done in less time. Develop remotely or charge through build scripts faster.

VPS speed, reimagined

10X Cloud servers have been optimized for speed from the ground-up.

We start with NVMe hard drives on a revolutionary new data transfer protocol, add to that 100+ custom OS-level optimizations, and mirror your data for both redundancy and speed.

It's so fast we might have to rename ourselves NVMe Nodes.

Better performance, more possibilities. And a hosting bill that's up to 60% less.

Plan SSD Nodeswith NVMe DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultrwithout NVMe
8GB $14.99/mo $40/mo
16GB $19.99/mo $80/mo
24GB $29.99/mo $120/mo
32GB $39.99/mo $160/mo
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You're not alone—our users demanded a simple, no-nonsense security guide, and we delivered. Smarter ways to secure your server, explained in 6 easy-to-follow steps for beginners and experts alike.

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Support, and talking right to the founder, was a very personable and down to earth experience, and that only cemented the fact that I've brought my money to the right place when signing up for the SSD Nodes service.

Steve Blackwell

Solutions Guru, Mango Force

You deserve the best value in cloud hosting.

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