7-Year Anniversary Sale

$3,960 in savings on our brand-new 24GB RAM VPS.

92% discount available only during this limited-time sale.

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Available locations: US Standard (Dallas) and Canada (Montreal).

Up to 10x RAM per dollar

Linode: 16GB RAM @ $80/mo
SSD Nodes: 16GB RAM @ $9.99/mo

Up to 4x SSD disk per dollar

Vultr: 200GB disk @ $80/mo
SSD Nodes: 80GB disk @ $9.99/mo

Up to 13x transfer per dollar

DigitalOcean: 6TB transfer @ $80/mo
SSD Nodes: 8TB transfer @ $9.99/mo

You're paying too much for your other VPS. You won't do the same here.

The average CPU use across our entire infrastructure helps tell the story. Our servers are unloaded, so why shouldn't we charge our users based on what they're actually using?

With SSD Nodes, you keep costs low and have access to our stable, unloaded infrastructure with plenty of temporary burst power at the ready when your website or app gets traction.

Get a piece of our infrastructure and stop overpaying. That's the foundation of honest-value cloud computing.

Our 16GB RAM VPS was already an amazing value compared to other VPS hosting providers, and the new 24GB plan takes that to the next level. When compared to their 16GB plans, you get 50% more RAM for nearly 90% less.

No matter your needs, SSD Nodes VPS plans with honest value pricing give you far more per dollar than any others.

All plans include

Intel Gold/E5 processors

Enterprise SSDs in RAID 10

10Gbps network interfaces

100% uptime SLA

14-day refund guarantee

Multiple, redundant Tier-1 ISPs

Zero-downtime upgrades

Root access and a dedicated public IP

Support for Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS

Picture of an SSD Nodes host server.

We build our host nodes with Intel E5/Gold processors, SSD drives in RAID 10, 10Gbps network interfaces, enterprise-grade RAM, peering with multiple Tier-1 networks for excellent latency, and more. And, as you can see, they look incredible.

What do you get from all those specs? You get performance that meets or exceeds our largest competitors and a fraction of the price. Whether you want to run e-commerce, web apps, high-traffic blogs, or infrastructure for your self-hosted apps, we have you covered.

And to protect your servers, our data centers offer the best in redundancy and security. Ready to get into the weeds?

We're talking 3x 600kVA Liebert UPSs in an N+1 configuration. Dual PSUs with A+B power on each host node. A dry-pipe fire prevention system. Armed security and a mean-looking perimeter fence. 2x 30-ton Liebert HVAC units in an N+2 configuration. Redundant fiber connections. A Transient Voltage Surge Suppression system to render the threat of lightning null and void.

And that's just the half of it.

Picture of an SSD Nodes host server.

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