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Every developer wants to move faster, right?

But only some of them leverage the power of the cloud. With our 16GB RAM plan, you'll save at least $600 by this time next year and set yourself up for development success with a high-speed testbed, CI environment, or toolkit playground.

Get 16GB RAM for $9.99/mo

A tenatious infrastructure

Elevate your code with hardware built for developers: Intel E5 processors, Samsung SSDs, 10GigE network interfaces, and multiple data center failover solutions to ensure reliability day in and day out.

We get out of your way

Everything we do, from our prices to our new dashboard, is intended to put cloud computing power back in your hands. The 100% SLA doesn't hurt, and if you need us, we have your back with plenty of tutorials.

KVM power and flexibility

Set up your perfect development environment with kernel modules, custom kernels, encrypted volumes, and much more. Our isolation-friendly hypervisor offers a 40% speed boost over other KVM.

Compiling was taking 20 mins on my reasonably fast machine at home and I cut that down to about 5 mins switching to SSD Nodes.
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Justin Meier

President at Enhance POS Solutions

What do you need to develop faster?


The best in reliability

You need a cloud solution that's always there for you. Our data centers use multiple failover solutions, such as dual A+B power distribution units (PDUs) on each server, and are protected by battery and diesel generators. Even our hardware partners like to brag about our nodes.


Value, from dev to production

We're proud to offer the best value in cloud hosting—that means you can develop affordably without sacrificing a thing in speed and reliability. When you're ready to launch, you can even skip the deployment process and upgrade your existing server with our zero-downtime upgrades.


Plenty of choice

Our hyper-flexible KVM offering is paired with the most popular Linux OS options, including Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Multiple data center locations means you can choose the development environment that's fastest for you, and then customize it to your exact needs.


A brilliant network

Agreements with multiple global Tier 1 network service providers ensure redundant routing and dedicated bandwidth. You'll always have an incredibly fast and reliable pipeline to your development server—perfect for live-testing code, running CI tools, or dealing with large datasets.

Ready to elevate your development to the cloud?

We recommend:
kvm / x-large+

$ 9.99 /mo

Billed yearly



12TB transfer

4-core processor

Start developing with SSD Nodes

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