We offer the features you need on top of an industry-best platform of enterprise-grade processors and SSDs, and highly available, redundant networks, all at a value that none of the competition can match. Build more for far less with SSD Nodes.

SSD-enabled speed

Our full-SSD cloud tops 1GB/s of I/O, with a RAID 10 backbone for top-tier reliability.

Server-grade processors

We work closely with vendors to supply hardware that will elevate your codebase to new heights.

A trusted network

Multiple Tier-1 network providers enable full resiliency at our US/Canada datacenters.

Unloaded, unlike the competition

Other hosting companies sacrifice speed by cramming more people onto a single server. That's great for the bottom line, but it offers a terrible customer experience, where one bad apple can cause your site to slow to a crawl.

Instead, we're focused on providing an unloaded platform that prioritizes your experience over our profit. One customer said SSD Nodes enabled them to โ€œrun queries in 1/100th of the timeโ€ compared to AWS. Another said, โ€œI compared SSD Nodes with Digital Ocean and a couple of other VPSes, and it was obvious my node wasn't oversold.โ€

Zero-downtime upgrades

Sometimes, you don't plan for being featured on the front page of Tech Crunch or Hacker News. Our thin virtualization platform allows you to scale instantly—just make the change in your dashboard and you're ready for an even bigger wave of traffic.

Other providers force you to contact support and set up a time to shut down your servers in order to upgrade them. With SSD Nodes, you can stop planning for downtime and get back to building the next big thing.

Yes, our refund guarantee is a feature.

14-day refund   ๐Ÿ‘‹

As a new SSD Nodes user, you have 14 days to try out your first server. If it doesn't work for you, we'll process a refund, give you a friendly farewell wave, and wish you the best in finding the perfect hosting solution for all your needs.

Many other hosts refuse to offer refunds and those who do often close the window after 24 hours. We do things differently. We want you to stick around because you love what we do, not because you're locked in.

SSD Nodes credit   ๐Ÿ’ธ

If you're outside the 14-day refund window but need to cancel your server, we're here for you. We'll credit you for every day you haven't used your server against your billing cycle. Your credit will never expire, and you can use it for any of our services in the future.

By offering a credit, we always aim to give you your money's worth, whether that's six months or six years from now.

The little things that count

The popular OS options

Easily deploy the most popular Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS.

Two-factor authentication

Instantly boost the security of your account and your servers by ensuring only you can log in.

A feature-rich dashboard

One-click access to reboot, shutdown, out-of-band console, rebuild, and much more.

Familiar cPanel experience

Simplify administration and amplify your possibilities while spending less time on the command line (unless you want to).

Support for โˆž applications

Operate high-density web servers, complex databases, private development servers, big data analytics, and more.

Eliminate growing pains

If you outgrow SSD Nodes, even with our instant scalability, stick with the same people and upgrade into the enterprise with Strasmore.

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Support, and talking right to the founder, was a very personable and down to earth experience, and that only cemented the fact that I've brought my money to the right place when signing up for the SSD Nodes service.

Steve Blackwell

Solutions Guru, Mango Force