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We believe people should be able to easily deploy virtual private servers that are high-performance, resource-rich, and low-cost.

When we started in 2011, our mission was to make VPS hosting a resource that anyone—students, solo developers, or large-scale teams—can use to build something amazing on the web. That's why we've worked hard to make the cloud both simple and accessible.

Our people

A look into the people who make SSD Nodes possible.

Matt Connor headshot

Matt Connor

Matt Connor is the founder and CEO of Strasmore, Inc., the parent company to SSD Nodes. In 2011, Matt started SSD Nodes with the vision of creating more accessible, feature-rich hosting for anyone who wanted to express themselves on the web. In the years since, he's bootstrapped SSD Nodes into the company it is today.

Matt has extensive experience in leadership and DevOps, having been a founder of several companies and holding positions at organizations like Zeeto, BrightScope, Chapman University, and others.


Joel Hans headshot

Joel Hans

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Charter Smith


Arun P headshot

Arun P

Kamal Shams headshot

Kamal Shams

Ranvir Singh headshot

Ranvir Singh

Haris Hameed headshot

Haris Hameed

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Mohith Tom


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Jaakko Piipponen


Bart Greenberg headshot

Bart Greenberg

Pivotal Law Firm, Inc.

Amir M. Kahana, Esq. headshot

Amir M. Kahana

Kahana & Feld LLP

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Avi M. Attal

Kahana & Feld LLP

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