We believe people should be able to deploy virtual servers that are both low-cost and incredibly fast.

We want to make cloud computing simple and accessible. That’s why we’ve cut out the debate between price and speed by offering both, unlike any other provider. Our mission is to provide a universal cloud computing platform that businesses, developers, and students alike will use to create new, amazing things.

Our people

Matt Connor headshot

Matt Connor

Matt Connor is the founder and CEO of Strasmore, Inc., the parent company to SSD Nodes. In 2011, Matt started SSD Nodes with the vision of creating more accessible, feature-rich hosting for anyone who wanted to express themselves on the web. In the years since, he's bootstrapped SSD Nodes into the company it is today.

Matt has extensive experience in leadership and DevOps, having been a founder of several companies and holding positions at organizations like Zeeto, BrightScope, Chapman University, and others.


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Imran Haider

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Daniel Ayers


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Felipe Polanco

Arun P headshot

Arun P

Serghei Burca headshot

Serghei Burca

Haris Hameed headshot

Haris Hameed

Mohith Tom headshot

Mohith Tom

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Rakesh Kumar


Joel Hans headshot

Joel Hans

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Viktor Petrov

Rizal Firmansyah headshot

Rizal Firmansyah

Simon Petrov headshot

Simon Petrov


Jaakko Piipponen headshot

Jaakko Piipponen

Outside Legal

Bart Greenberg headshot

Bart Greenberg

Pivotal Law Firm, Inc.

Amir M. Kahana, Esq. headshot

Amir M. Kahana

Kahana & Feld LLP

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Avi M. Attal

Kahana & Feld LLP

Our headquarters

Strasmore, Inc.
2522 Chambers Road Suite 100
Tustin, CA 92780

We’re regarded as industry leaders in hybrid computing strategies and solutions, and provide a massive dynamic platform that allows our customers to quickly innovate and deploy applications on a global scale. Our world-class datacenters have multiple layers of physical and operational security to ensure the safety and integrity of every customer’s data.

SSD Nodes is part of a growing company that also includes Strasmore, which offers hosting for enterprises, petabyte-scale backups, dedicated engineering support, and consulting for high-end and high-volume projects.

Looking for legal information, such as our Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, etc.? You can find that on our legal page.