Aug 21, 2018

3 min read

Self-Hosting Nextcloud with Docker: Self-hosting handbook

Written by

Vippy The VPS

Welcome to the fifth page of a handbook on self-hosting. Begin here. Read the previous page here. On this page, we’ll cover self-hosting Nextcloud with Docker (docker-compose, more specifically) on top of the stack we’ve built on previous pages.

Table of contents

  1. Self-hosting quickstart: Docker, domains, and DNS (look below!)
  2. A docker-compose tutorial
  3. Using docker-compose to add web apps
  4. Self-hosting administration
  5. Self-hosting Nextcloud with Docker

Topics covered on this page

  1. Why is self-hosting Nextcloud a good idea?
  2. What to add to your docker-compose.yml file
  3. Create your admin user and setup your database


Why is self-hosting Nextcloud a good idea?

My journey into self-hosting began with a simple

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