Aug 17, 2017

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The Road to KVM

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Vippy The VPS

The road to KVM (kernel-based virtual machines) hasn't been an easy one, but as of today, we've officially launched the public preview for our KVM offering. If you're interested in trying it out, check out our KVM public preview page.

Back in June, we made the first official announcement that we were working on a KVM option for SSD Nodes users. We didn't quite hit our goal of having KVM ready by the end of July, but we wanted to make sure we were making smart moves, not just fast ones.

After a smooth-sailing private beta of the KVM platform, we're ready for the next step. With this sale, we're opening up the platform to any SSD Nodes user who wants to get KVM at a steal while we finish testing various edge cases and integrate new features.

Wait, what about containers?

Shipping containers—a slightly different kind

For the last six weeks, we've talked a lot about our Virtuozzo 7-based containers platform. These containerized servers have an updated kernel compared to OpenVZ (3.10.0 vs. 2.6.32), allow users to use Docker, and have some performance tweaks and other nice customizations that OpenVZ lacks. They're based on fascinating technology that allows us to offer you a wider featureset at the same price.

We thought these containerized servers would be enough to help our users experiment with new technologies, like Docker. We were wrong.

Almost immediately, our users—savvy developers at all levels—began to

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