Feb 27, 2023

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VPS Comparison: Vultr vs. SSD Nodes

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Abdelhadi Dyouri

You’ve created your startup’s business plan, finished the final product and are now ready to release it. Your brand new app or game, which has taken weeks or months of hard work, is finally ready to be launched on the web. Or, perhaps you're new to this internet-based business thing and are considering using OpenCart or WordPress for your online shop or blog, for a humble start. Whatever the nature of your product or service, now you have to pick a go-to VPS host for hosting your online product or service. There are tons of options, but do you go for Vultr or SSD Nodes?

This Vultr vs. SSD Nodes article has the answer for you!

Notes and Similarities between Vultr and SSD Nodes

Both Vultr and SSD Nodes use SSD storage, a KVM hypervisor, and offer full root access. The plans we will compare are for unmanaged servers, which means that you are responsible for maintaining your server. Each plan also uses shared resources, which means that your server shares the underlying physical hardware with other servers.

We will compare the standard and general purpose VPS option from each provider.

Comparing Standard VPS Plans with 8GB of RAM

One of the first steps in comparing SDD Nodes to Vultr VPS plans is to compare the prices for standard 8GB RAM VPS plans. These plans are a good start for deploying applications and running several services at once, and are perfect for low traffic and low resource applications.

Let’s take a look at what each provider offers in the 8GB RAM option:

8GB RAM plans Vultr SSD Nodes
Disk 50GB 160GB
Transfer 5 TB 4TB
1-Month Price $60 $15
1-Year Price $720 $66
3-Year Price $2160 $153

Here, SSD Nodes offers slightly less transfer allowance, and significantly more storage. The SSD Nodes monthly price for less than a year of usage is 75% less than the Vultr price, and the 1-year plan is 90% less than what you'd pay for a year of usage with Vultr. More importantly, the 3-year SSD Nodes plan costs almost 92% less than what you'd be paying for three years with Vultr. This means that in 3 years, you’ll save $2007

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