Jun 14, 2017

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7 Free Courses to Get You Developing Today

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Vippy The VPS
Web development is a complex business, and no one just waltzes in and starts creating complex webapps or beautifully-designed UI experiences. That only comes with practice, and a great way to jumpstart that practice is with an instructional course. Luckily, the web development and CS community is rather open to teaching others—for free—which means a bounty of free courses on just about any topic you can imagine. For the sake of this post, we’re focusing on free courses rather than those that cost money. Paid courses have their place, of course, but it’s often hard for beginners to justify hundreds of dollars for something they’re not sure they even want to pursue.

Getting started with the Web (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)

Who better than Mozilla to get you started on the web? This beginner-focused course will move you from essentially no knowledge about the web to building a simple website and publishing it online. You’ll start by learning about the anatomy of an HTML document, and wrap up with lessons on publishing to Github and a rundown of how IP addresses and domain names are connected. Where to get started:

The Bash Guide (Bash)

If you want to start developing websites or web applications—no matter with plain HTML/CSS or some complex framework like React.js (more on that in a moment)—you’ll eventually need to use a server of some kind (how about something from SSD
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