Jul 12, 2018

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Install EasyEngine To Deploy SSL-Enabled WordPress Websites

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Vippy The VPS

One of the most common uses for a VPS is hosting a Wordpress-based site. While we covered the details of setting up both a LEMP stack and Wordpress on top of that, some will prefer using a more user-friendly script to make the job a little bit easier. In this tutorial, we're going to install EasyEngine, an open source "helper" program, to help create SSL-enabled (thanks to Let's Encrypt) Wordpress blogs in a matter of minutes.

The beauty of EasyEngine is that it not only sets up a Wordpress blog, but automatically installs its dependencies, such as Nginx, PHP, MySQL, and others. There are a bunch of built-in features like caching and HHVM. With a single command, you can create a variety of Wordpress configurations, such as WP Super Cache + Multisite, or Redis cache + single site.

As of v3.4.0, EasyEngine comes with built-in support for Let's Encrypt as well.

In this tutorial, we'll cover the details in installing EasyEngine and setting up a single Wordpress site that uses HTTPS powered by a Let's Encrypt certificate.


  • A VPS running any of our OS options—Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 9, Debian 8, or CentOS 7.
  • A non-root, sudo-enabled user. If you only have a root user, see our SSH tutorial for details on creating new users.
  • A registered domain name.


  • This tutorial uses variables to represent user-specific configurations, such as server IP addresses, passwords, domain names, and more. Whenever you see one of these variables, you should replace them with your specific details.


Step 1:

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