Aug 14, 2018

6 min read

Let’s talk about VPS overselling

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Vippy The VPS
At $10 a month, I would be concerned with serious overselling with those specifications and very outdated hardware.
Deal seems to be good but chances are there that the server will be oversold.

We understand the assumption. We see it all the time.

I pulled both of those comments from a recent WebHosting Talk thread. While SSD Nodes isn’t mentioned, it’s not hard to deduce that we’re the VPS provider in question. The fact that no one knows that the original poster is talking about us, which means that each of the replies is unbiased in its assessment of the facts (how much RAM/disk/etc. for how much money), offers a genuinely transparent look into how people perceive what we’re offering.

Before I get into rebutting those comments, it’s time for a short story.

While mountain biking with a friend just before sitting down to write this very post, we chatted about that adage about having to pick only two between strong, cheap, and light. I had just broken my rear derailleur—that strange, somewhat claw-like mechanism lets you move from one gear to another—and I was lamenting the fact that bikes with gearboxes weren’t commonplace yet. That was when he threw the “pick two” dilemma my way. I could go out and buy a gearbox equipped bike today, but prices for the

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