Jan 08, 2019

6 min read

Rewiring my brain and business with Colemak

Written by

Matt Connor
Change is inevitable, neuroplasticity is real, and I have to make sure my brain can keep up. After reading Joel’s post on the benefits of Colemak, I decided to take on learning a new keyboard layout as a challenge to end 2018 and carry me into the new year. And let me say—when you’ve been doing something for 20+ years, like typing on a QWERTY layout, it’s almost impossible to imagine doing something different. I’ll admit that I went into this project thinking that learning a new keyboard layout might help improve my brain’s elasticity, which then might help me continue evolving SSD Nodes and build better things for our customers. I kept thinking about Kodak. Remember them? They went out of business because they tried to keep the film thing going when everyone else was migrating to digital photography. I’m just doing whatever I can to make sure the same doesn’t happen to me. When I first wrote this piece in early December, typing in Colemak was tough going. After two weeks I was able to hit about 30 words per minute (WPM), which is, quite frankly, pretty slow. I’ve been
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