Nov 22, 2018

7 min read

NVMe is here! A view from the “engine room”

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Vippy The VPS

It has to be big. And fast, real fast. But reliable. And expandable. Future-proofed. But cost-effective, mind. I can choose any six of those.

Do you have a boss like that? Well, if you’re an SSD Nodes customer, perhaps you do—and that might be why you chose us as your VPS provider. My boss is a really nice guy, and he's learned a lot through bootstrapping SSD Nodes, but he can be a bit demanding at times. I’m talking about Matt, the founder of SSD Nodes.

My name is Daniel, and I’m the head of engineering at SSD Nodes. My job is to build, run, fix, and tend to the needs of the computer systems that serve our customers. I run a fleet of large and modern enterprise-grade servers—our previous generation of host nodes are powered by Intel E5/Gold CPUs and generally have 1Tb RAM and 8-16Tb RAID10 redundant SSD storage. All have at least one 10Gbit network connection. We have deployed only modern Intel Skylake CPUs for ages —unlike a competitor who began to offer them only a few months ago. And as you might guess from the company name, SSD Nodes has used only fast SSD storage since Matt founded the company in 2011.

That’s pretty good hardware, better than most in our industry. But not good enough for Matt. Not any more. He wants bigger, better, faster. (To be fair, he is only this demanding on behalf of his customers. You should see his Macbook Pro—let’s just say that I could virtualize it on our platform for $7.99/month and

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