Dec 11, 2018

8 min read

NVMe Cloud Hosting: Everything You Need To Know

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Vippy The VPS

If you’ve already heard about NVMe cloud hosting before arriving here, congratulations! You’re among a small minority of future-thinking developers who are already looking for the next big thing in cloud hosting. But even if you haven’t, we’re happy to have you here, as you’re about to wade into some pretty next-generation waters.

NVMe disks are pretty new, and definitely haven’t gone mainstream yet. Getting one for your personal computer is pretty cost-prohibitive still, and that’s what makes the cloud so compelling—you can, pretty cheaply, get a piece of an NVMe drive in a high-speed data center for a much smaller investment.

Of course, NVMe cloud hosting is much more than just a drive. Let’s dive in.

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What’s NVMe?

NVMe stands for NVM Express.

An acronym within an acronym. Great.

NVM stands for non-volatile memory, which refers to memory which retains its stored data even after losing and regaining power. All the common disk storage technology, such as spinning disks and solid-state drives, are non-volatile memory.

In contrast, volatile memory is that which loses its data when power is cut. Your machine’s RAM is a great example.

An SSD Nodes server with two Intel NVMe drives in front of it.

We can now infer that an NVMe drive uses non-volatile memory technology that retains its data

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